Win-Win in Curriculum Development


Win-Win in Curriculum Development

So, you are a member of the curriculum / course development team? You were asked to research on the trendy courses and find courses that would fit the bill? And you have identified few courses that you think are awesome? You like the courses so much and believe that the students will like it too. Well, join the club!

Are we going to design a curriculum / course which suit our whims than the needs of students? Hold it right there!

Curriculum Development needs to be treaded cautiously. The two primary factors that need to be considered before developing a curriculum in my opinion are (i) students’ aptitudes and interests  and (ii) institution leverage (in terms of facilities & resources available, experts to handle the course, technology and IT support and reading materials). Our focus needs to be on designing a course/curriculum that meets students’ expectations as well as market demands

Considering the above mentioned crucial factors, check where you possibly fit in the following matrix.



Generates positive feedback about the course(s), increase in enrollment of students in the course, students’ interests matched with a strong curriculum that meets with market demands, active participation by students both within and outside classrooms, providing best candidates to employers, high level of skill development and learner productivity.


Students search for better options to complete the course – They opt for self-tutoring,  go for online help, enroll at training institutes, get tutored by external experts – ultimately they complete the course and develop required skills through external mechanism/support. They are super-ready to face job market. However, institution gets poor feedback from students, complaints from stakeholders (parents, quality assessors) about inadequate facilities & poor curriculum delivery, low enrollment of students.


Mandatory curriculum dampens students’ learning interest. Students find the curriculum redundant and uninteresting. Students feel that the curriculum does not contribute to skill development. This results in poor participation and performance by the students. But, the institution prides itself in attaining expected outcomes through offering the course. Curriculum is justified and continues to be offered.


Students do not gain any new skill through the course. They show poor participation and give negative feedback about the course. They take the course for merely getting the degree. Institution loses students’ strength for the course and does not wish to revamp the curriculum. The course is offered because of external pressure and expectations. Institution is unable to meet the market demands. They lack the vision to take the course forward.

So, where do we want to be? Obviously in the Win-Win block. The call of the day is for every institution to analyze the aptitudes and interests of the students and offer courses that would shape them for the job market. Students should not be forced to take courses that the institution fancies to offer. It should also be fully equipped to create a favorable learning environment for the students.

Be God’s and Be Good!