Transferable Skills



Transferable Skills are those skills, potentials and abilities that a person has which he has learned or acquired at school, home, play, work or by personal experience. An individual can easily ’transfer’ these skills from one job setting to another. They are portable and hence the name. These skills are helpful as an individual moves through various career paths. People generally learn, experience and apply these skills throughout their lifetime.

You will find that there are various classifications of transferable skills. I wish to bring these skills under the broad categories such as personal skills, soft skills, people skills, technical skills, management or organization skills and critical thinking skills. You can use each of these skills in different jobs or work situations. While not every individual will possess all transferable skills, they will definitely have few skills that help them in performing their job effectively and efficiently.

Importance of Transferable Skills:

  • They are the key to get you the next most desired job
  • Employers always prefer to hire people with essential transferable skills
  • They help you to survive in a competitive world
  • Gives you a competitive edge over others
  • Increases your marketability and helps prove your worth
  • Helps you to easily adjust, grow and excel in your new job/role
  • It helps you to be successful in your career
  • They go with you wherever you go. It is yours to keep and nurture
  • Helps to share your knowledge and expertise with others

Most Essential Transferable Skills:

There are numerous transferable skills and each job requires a different set of transferable skills. However, listed below are some of the essential transferable skills that an individual will need in most work situations. Furthermore, employers seek these skills largely in their employees.

These are:

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