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Soft skills preferences
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Presently, recruiters and employers emphasize a lot on certain key words such as skills, competencies or core strengths when it comes to hiring potential talents.

In every organization, be it academic, service or manufacturing sectors, employers look for people with a strong set of soft skills. Without doubt, amidst a competitive environment, every employee needs to possess a set of soft skills to be successful at work .

Numerous professional bodies, academic institutions and trainers provide soft skills training programs to different groups of people. However, some organizations offer such skills training to students or employees without analyzing or identifying individual needs and preferences. Indeed, before designing the training programs, it will help to identify the preferences or aptitude of every individual.

For example, a survey to identify the preferences of the target group will help the trainers to design and implement effective training programs. In this post, I have tried to list several soft skills that might be useful for students or employees. However, not all skills may be useful or preferred by everyone. Hence, it is best to get the preferences of the target group.

Download sample surveys for identifying the preferences of students or employees for soft skills training on a range of topics. The surveys list several skills under broader titles such as Academic Development skills, management skills, Workplace skills, People skills, Personal effectiveness skills, Professional skills, Sales and Marketing skills and other essential skills such as Lifestyle Management, Quality of work life, Nutrition, Life coaching essentials, Dealing with anxiety and mindfulness. You may include any other skills in the survey as required or based on relevance to the field of study or job.

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