Six Reasons to Value your Personal Values at Work


Six Reasons to Value your Personal Values at Work:

Personal Values define ‘You’. They are the very substance of human behavior. Personal values are vital because they steer the attitudes, motivation, personality and behavior of individuals. You will agree that every person holds some kind of values – positive, healthy, constructive or otherwise.

Values are relatively stable and enduring. They help you to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Therefore, you will act upon your belief of the good or bad, desirable or undesirable. There will be no grey areas. Thus, this absolute condition guides your actions and judgements across life’s innings.

You will carry these personal values as you journey through life. Therefore, you will bring these values to work as well. These personal values develop into work values in the place you work.

Personal values play a decisive role in your workplace; in deciding your attitudes and perceptions towards those working with you. You will be reacting and connecting with people at work influenced by your personal values. The values that you hold help in nurturing relationships and building professionalism at work. Consequently, these values influence the climate and effectiveness of the organization.

However, there will be times at work when you will face the test of letting go of your values. You will find yourselves in situations that shake your self-worth and the personal values that you treasure so much. You might be tempted to loosen up your values to accommodate the job requirements. Nevertheless, do not let go of your values whatever it may cost you. This is when you will have to make a decision of holding onto your ‘absoluteness’ of values.

Six Reasons to Value your Personal Values:

Personal Values are important for the following reasons:

  • Defines your level of maturity

The manner in which you relate to people, deal with situations and hold values close to your heart, helps people to understand and appreciate the level of your maturity.

  • Respect people sentiments

Your personal values will help you to be careful in dealing with people’s emotions. You will give importance to respecting others’ sentiments and their values.

  • Disapproves unethical acts

You will refuse to take up tasks that go against your principles. You will not compromise for the sake of work demands. You will not do anything that will damage your reputation and causes you to let go of your values.

  • Exhibits self-discipline and emotional control

It will be natural for you to exercise self-discipline and manage your emotions effectively.  Conflicts and workplace happenings will not deter you.

  • Portrays you as a role model

Once you establish your values at workplace and refuse to compromise, people start looking upon you as a role model. They will not approach you for anything that questions their morals and values.

  • Protects and nurtures co-workers

Your values will try to protect your co-workers and help them overcome difficulties. You will enjoy playing the nurturing role. You will not mind even making few sacrifices for their welfare.

Personal values will bring forth the ‘real’ you. It affects your choices and the way you deal with different situations and people. Therefore, desirable personal values not only shape you but also help you to establish meaningful relationship at work. This calls for you to display and demonstrate a rock-solid foundation of values that remains undeterred in any testing situations.

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