Employees’ Perception of the role and functions of the HR department

HR department
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In recent years, we have seen the Human Resources department going through a transition in many organizations. They have moved from being a ‘policing officer’ to ‘strategic partner’. In fact, the term ‘personnel’ which was associated with administrative, compliance, and control activities, is replaced with human resources, bringing about marked changes in the roles and functions of HR professionals. The emphasis is on regarding the employees as valuable resources to be ‘engaged’ strategically. Without a doubt, organizations value human resources over time, money, or information.

In order to understand the HRM culture of an organization, it is important to know the perceptions of employees toward the HR department. For example, do the employees look to the human resources department as a disciplinary department or as a user-friendly service department, driven by competent and well-experienced professionals?

How do employees perceive the role and functions of the HR department? Check it out with this sample questionnaire having fifteen statements on a five-point scale. The statements include factors such as HR practices, relationship with employees, employee morale, training, transparency, and general roles. Feel free to modify the questionnaire to suit your needs.

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