“PERSPIRE” to Master Life Skills

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Guest Contributor
Xavier S. Arputharaj*
Chartered Insurer
COO at Orient Insurance, UAE

The following is the synopsis of a motivation talk on Life Skills that I shared with the final year students of Actuary Department at Bishop Heber College, Trichy, India

Generally, I prefer to use an acronym when I speak to students.  I believe that it will be easy for the children to remember. I built my talk around an acronym ‘PERSPIRE’ that I had developed to share my thoughts on mastering life skills. Hope you find this post useful.

How to Master life skills?

P – Purpose

We need to have a purpose in life. Without purpose, we will be like a rudderless ship. We may be busy but we will not be productive. Working toward a purpose makes our life more meaningful and joyful.

E –Enthusiasm

We need to have enthusiasm in life. Enthusiasm helps one to live one’s life to the fullest. In fact, enthusiasm makes us see the journey of our life in a different perspective. Enthusiasm makes us see every inconvenience as an adventure.

R – Result-oriented

We should be result-oriented in life. Life may recognize our efforts but the judgment is always based on results. Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

S – Self-confidence

Self-confidence makes us face new situations and new people with courage and poise. We have to work at it constantly. If we do enough of anything, we get the hang of it. It is like learning cycling. It may seem the most difficult thing in the world but once you master it, it becomes the easiest thing on earth. Practice self-confidence. It will become your second nature eventually.

P – Preparation

Remember the 5Ps. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Once you practice, you will be able to say or do anything with effortless ease. All the performers who give an air of spontaneity have great deal of practice behind it. Performance is only the tip of the iceberg. Practice lies beneath the sea, beneath the vision.

I – Image

You have to build your image, your brand. When you buy a phone, a television, or any item of a particular brand, you will know it will provide quality. Brand signifies certain assured quality. You are what your brand is. Work on your brand and create your own brand. Charisma is just another name for brand.

R – Reliability

Let people know you for your reliability. Commit what you can do and do what you have committed. The world is made up of two groups. Those who do what they promise, even if they do not promise much and those who promise and do not do. Put yourself in the first category and you will go far in life.

E – Eloquence

Jews have a saying. The moneymaking organ of the body is the mouth. Those who have the power of conveying their message in a coherent, pleasing and convincing fashion will keep themselves firmly on the high road to success. You may have brilliant ideas. However, unless you are able to put across those ideas powerfully and eloquently, the ideas will not get you anywhere.

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*Xavier Arputharaj has rich experience in the Insurance sector and continues to share his knowledge and expertise in numerous conferences and seminars. Many thanks for sharing his thoughts in this post.