Job Stress Questionnaire – II


Job Stress Questionnaire – II

In my earlier post, I had talked about Job Stress and identified few factors leading to stress among employees. Let me touch upon the factors in this post, in case you did not have a chance to see it.  I had mentioned Relationship with Colleagues / Peers, Management, Company Policies, Workload and Promotion as few causes leading to workplace stress. Statements covering these factors were included in Job Stress Questionnaire – I

But, as we know there are many other factors which cause stress at work. In this post, I am going to list the other stress factors.

Causes of Stress:

To start with, the kind of Facilities available at work can ‘make or break’ a person. It is very important that the workplace has the necessary facilities for the employees to enjoy their everyday work. Job insecurity is yet another important reason which leads to undue stress. You would all agree that a person who goes to work every day unsure of his/her employment status will suffer from chronic stress.

Further, assigned Role is another significant factor. By Role, I mean the clarity in job that an employee has in terms of authority, responsibility, role allocation and so on. The next factor is ‘Superior’. Oh yeah, this is really important, right? I am sure that you all have been stressed or undergoing stress because of your superior or boss. So, cannot leave that out!

Welfare measures available at work also play a key role in defining your stress level. Most people enjoy coming to work if they are happy with the staff welfare schemes. The other factor which creates stress in majority of employees is ‘Salary’. This is something which people shy away from accepting as a stress factor but believe me; it has a profound role to play in keeping our stress levels at bay. Many studies prove that this is in fact a top reason for stress.

The last factor that I would like to mention is the Appraisal system. Most of us would have our adrenaline levels shoot up during yearly appraisals. This is not because of our inability or unwarranted fear but merely because it is a hateful ritual and the fact that it is more a fault-finding meeting than a productive discussion.

There are many other factors leading to stress which have not been mentioned in this post. You will get to read them in later posts. But for now, have a look at Job Stress Questionnaire – II (contains the factors discussed above) which is posted as a sample for research or study purpose.

Just click on the link to download the Questionnaire.Job Stress Questionnaire-II

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