Simple Research Topics for School and College teachers


The current pandemic situation and lockdown have made students and teachers go for online education. Although, it is safe and appropriate under the circumstances, it has both benefits and difficulties. Without doubt, teachers as well as students face technical hitches, uncertainties or fear of being online that clearly put them at a disadvantage. Surely, this is now an interesting and much needed area of study.

Hence, if you are one wishing to pursue a PhD or in the process of choosing a research topic, here are few simple research topics focusing on teachers and teaching effectiveness. Give a reading. Eventually, you will get more ideas to tune your research topic.

Suggested Topics for your research

  1. Online learning correlate Psychological well-being and Resilience among Students and teachers during lockdown
  2. Assessment Study of Online teaching, Performance and Job Satisfaction among University Teachers
  3. Group dynamics during online classes and class management strategies for effective learning – A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study among Teachers
  4. Best Practices in Curriculum Development, online course delivery and Assessment in Colleges
  5. Influence of Teachers’ Traits and their Work Values on Job Performance and Teaching Effectiveness
  6. Pressures of online teaching and its effect on Job Stress and Job Satisfaction among Teachers
  7. Impact of Online teaching on the Dietary habits, Sleeping Patterns and Work-life Balance among teachers
  8. Mental Health, Spiritual Well-being correlate Job Security of teachers during the Pandemic
  9. Personal Competency in Online teaching correlate achieving learning outcomes by teachers and students
  10. Examining relationships between Teaching Strategies and Teaching Styles and their impact on Job Commitment among Teachers
  11. Self-Efficacy, Psychological well-being and Teaching Effectiveness – A Relationship study among Teachers
  12. An Assessment of the hidden factors in online education (presence of parents, behind the camera behavior of students, learning motivation of students) and their impact on learning outcomes
  13. Examining the relationship between Socio-cultural factors and online learning correlate Student Achievement and Learning satisfaction
  14. A study on learning behaviors, stress and coping strategies among Students during online learning

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