The Good News we have today through Christ


God ‘bought’ us reconciliation, that we may be redeemed and have eternal life.  Apostle Paul says that the cross is a symbol to remind Christians that they are dead to the world of sin and evil and being alive as new creations in Jesus (Rom. 6:4,11).

According to Holdsworth, Paul ‘moves beyond empty tombs and historical details and emphasizes the resurrection of Christ. Death is conquered and Christ is the first fruit of new creations himself’. This is amazing good news for humanity.

Jesus’ death on the cross is an event of redemption. We, as sinners have the hope for salvation through the cross. We are able to enjoy this good news only because Jesus paid for our sins through his death.

The good news for us started with the birth of Jesus, as we see in Luke 2:10, “Do not be afraid, I bring you good news”. It continued to the cross and further in his resurrection unto eternity. Further, God’s eternal presence (Matt.28:20) is a good news that helps us through storms and tribulations. The Gospels and the New Testament Letters are by themselves good news, because they provide evidence for God’s continuing work and power (Holdsworth).

More Good news

What’s more, the good news is that Jesus has left us the Holy Spirit to guide and guard us at all times. Paul sees the Christian life as a god-filled life bearing the fruits of the spirit (Holdsworth).

The good news is God’s presence has a vitality that will sustain a church, bringing about creative human community.

The good news is Jesus left God’s side and permitted himself to be crucified, so that we could be clothed in his own righteousness. Jesus banished the enemies of humankind forever; the devil is beaten (Ford & Gonzalez, 2016)

God’s love and God’s justice is met on the Cross. God’s justice demands punishment for sin and God’s love is shown in how he took the punishment to himself through his Son; eventually saving us from death and judgment, and freely giving pardon and eternal life (Tinker, 1995).

Essence of Christianity

Therefore, the essence of Christianity is God is with us. We have Jesus as a mediator to come before the righteous God. We cannot face God without Jesus or the cross.

God had His purpose in reconciling us with Him. Through His death, the distance between God’s sovereignty and human sinful nature is bridged. The best thing about Jesus’ sacrifice is he took the initiative to make us ‘At-one’ with Him.

We have the good news that Jesus has established His Kingdom for us and offered it free for us to believe and possess. Let us all believe in his amazing grace as we go through this troubling time.


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