God’s Amazing Grace – Testimony

Amazing grace of God
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By Mythili Hemanth, Bangalore

Almighty God has been so gracious to my family and it is only by His mercy and grace that I had the strength to face all the hardships in my family. I would like to share the mighty deeds of our Lord through this testimony.

I come from a Hindu family from Madurai and I was introduced to the Scripture and Jesus Christ during my teenage years by my mother’s friend. Since then, I used to pray to Jesus and almost stopped practicing Hindu traditions. I got married into a Hindu family and have two children. Ours was a love marriage and I had a beautiful life with my husband and children.

However, at some point in our life, my husband started taking alcohol and eventually became an alcoholic. He became so dependent on alcohol that it started affecting every area of our life. He could not concentrate on his business or family. He slowly went into depression and become aggressive. He believed that consuming alcohol would help him come out of depression. He had just one meal a day and lived on alcohol all through the day. This further led to digestive problems and he started throwing up food.

As days passed, his condition worsened and he became violent. He started picking up fights and we did not have any peace at home. Though he was very much afraid of his parents, he did not listen to their advice too. However, my parents-in-law convinced my husband to stay with them as a family, and for a short while, my husband stopped drinking. Soon afterward, we returned to our home in Bangalore and things went bad again. I wanted him to visit a rehabilitation centre to which he agreed initially and later refused.  But then, I too hoped and prayed that he should be free of this habit without treatment or medications.


I was sending prayer requests to different people and in March I sent a prayer request during a fasting prayer meeting by Jesus Redeems. I prayed fervently that my husband should be freed from alcoholism. Praise God for his mercies. My prayers were heard and miraculously my husband stopped consuming alcohol completely. Nevertheless, I carried the fear that he might start drinking again. I had to pray for God’s deliverance from my fears.

Though he was not taking alcohol, I could not get the fear out of me. But, God changed everything. I slowly got out of the fear and stopped worrying about my husband’s alcoholic behavior. I came closer to God and became strong in faith. Coming from a Hindu family, I accepted Jesus as my saviour. I trust that it is God who chose me and made me stronger through prayers. He has given me the courage to face all my troubles.

Now, it has been over nine months since my husband had alcohol. He has completely recovered and has started to concentrate on his work. All praises and glory to God. Without the grace of God, this would not have been possible. God has strengthened me through the trials.

Sometimes we do not understand why we should go through so much pain and suffering, We do not understand God’s plan for us. Though we might have sufferings, we need to completely trust in God. However big the problem is, do not lose hope in God.


For God nothing is impossible. Keep praying until the solution comes. God will do according to his timing. He knows when to give and what to give. Sometimes, our prayers are answered immediately, but some prayers seem to take forever to be answered. It does not mean that God has forgotten our prayers, God is working on it. God would be working on it till it is the right time to answer. Keep praying with faith and be patient. Your prayers would definitely be answered. While God is working on our prayers, he fills us with his grace. The grace of God would carry you through until your answers are heard. All praises to God

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