God – the magnificent creator – Biblical Calendar Aug – Oct 2020

God – The magnificent creator – Copyright: QuestMeraki

I am your Creator.
You were in my care
    even before you were born.
Israel, don’t be terrified!
You are my chosen servant,
    my very favorite. Isaiah 44:2

God is the creator of the glorious fabric of heaven and earth. God revealed to Job that he is the wise architect of all things in the world and above. The same God created you and me.

Our Almighty Father has a purpose for our lives. He has the blueprint for our life journey on the palm of his hands; a beautiful picture with different landscape, shades and colors, bright and dull, nevertheless, a complete and beautiful portrayal.

He designed a plan for us even before we were born.  We need not be anxious about anything; home, job or our children’s future. Today, God is telling us to be patient and not to be concerned with the things of the world.  The same God who worked miracles in Job’s life will perform miracles in ours.

Let us approach Him with a humble heart and present our petitions. Let us not give up our hope. He is a wonder-working God. His promise to us this day is, “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” Job 8:21

Therefore, let us look beyond our troubles and uncertainties. God is yet to perform miracles in our lives. Without doubt, our sorrows and anxieties will quickly pass. We are God’s very favorite. Our hope will not be in vain.

“This is what the Lord says:  In the time of my favor I will answer you, and in the day of salvation I will help you” Isaiah 49:8

Stay strong and cast all your anxiety on Him.

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