Framing Ground rules by Teachers – Factors to consider

In my previous post, I shared the need for agreeing on ground rules between the teacher and students. I also listed few focus areas for agreeing on ground rules. In this post, I wish to suggest few factors that can be considered under each focus area.  Hopefully, this will help the teacher to frame ground rules relevant to his/her class needs and the situation or event. The factors presented here are few examples only. The teacher may modify or add based on specific requirements of his/her class.

See Table for framing ground rules.

Framing Ground rules by Teachers for Students – Factors to consider

Semester / Term:             Batch / Class:                       Course / Module Name:

No. of Students:

Focus Area  Factors to consider (Examples)
Attendance & Punctuality Coming on time to class, participation in all sessions, meeting attendance requirements, maintaining punctuality during examinations, site visits, etc
Coursework Submission Submitting original work, meeting deadlines, adhering to coursework policies, citing references,  etc
Discipline Maintaining discipline within the class, with peers, teacher, administrators and staff during lectures, examination, discussion, group tasks and presentation. 
Use of Mobiles Prohibition of using mobiles (texting or making/receiving calls) within classroom. Restriction of internet usage to academic purpose (discussion, gathering information etc) during class hours. Taking photographs without consent from others, recording lectures, discussion, group tasks etc without permission, etc
Respect Showing due respect to teacher, peers and others at all times, prohibition of abusive language, teasing, ragging, etc
Support Extending support for slow learners, giving feedback to teacher, tutoring in small student groups. Informing teacher about those who need professional support, etc
Site visits / Industrial Visits Recording of information and submitting report, following deadlines, discipline during visits, involvement during visit
Participation in Academic Forums Maintaining professionalism during participation in seminars, conferences, workshops, adhering to time, dress code.
Discipline during extra-academic / business events Maintaining decorum, dress code, avoid use of mobiles, interaction with external institutions
Mock interviews / Career placements Preparing Resume & supporting documents, punctuality, body language. Attending session with zeal and professionalism, being honest and transparent, Professional attire

For a printable version click here to download  Ground-rules-Factors-to-consider

Have I missed out anything? Love to get your suggestions on others factors for consideration by teachers.