Employees’ Perceptions of Work & Workplace


Employees’ Perceptions of Work & Workplace: 

We all know that a happy employee is a productive employee. But what does it need to make an employee happy? This is a tricky question because ‘happiness’ is an abstract term. It is something which differs from person to person. The factors that make one employee happy may be the factors that make another employee distressed. This can only be understood by studying his/her perceptions about factors that he/she thinks is important for happiness.

I believe that an employee will be happy at work only as long as he/she has certain personal expectations fulfilled. How an employee perceives his/her work and workplace is a crucial factor in determining an employee’s satisfaction and happiness at work.

Though factors such as job title, salary, company policies, relationship with boss and facilities at work play a decisive role in employee’s happiness, the kind of work that a person enjoys doing every day and the workplace environment by itself are very important. These two factors are significant in determining whether an employee is happy at work and wishes to continue working in the organization.

Work and workplace factors:

The factors that I have understood as important under ‘work ‘and ‘workplace’ are:

  • The kind of work an employee does (challenging, varied, new and unfamiliar tasks)
  • Team members’ support, involvement and togetherness
  • Job security and identifying with the organization
  • Recognition and appreciation received at workplace
  • Scope for Learning and development

Many other factors do contribute to a person’s happiness at work. But, right now, in this post, the above factors have been considered in order to study employees’ perceptions of work and workplace.

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