Employees’ Opinion on the efficiency of the HR department

HR Efficiency
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Do organizations need an HR department? This has been a matter of debate for several decades. Agreed, that in smaller organizations, the role of HR is not a specialized one. However, in larger organizations, the role of HR is multi-dimensional. HR professionals function not only as administrative experts but function as change agents, strategic partners, and employee champions as well (Ulrich).  Needless to say, the Human resources department is assuming a greater role in top-management planning and decision-making within an organization. Therefore, this necessitates an understanding of the efficiency of the HR department.

Nevertheless, the efficiency of the department does not lie in the HR managers carrying out their tasks, but rather in its ‘deliverables’. Ulrich states that “HR will be judged on what it delivers, rather than what it does”.

One might say that the main objective of the human resources department is to build human competencies and develop positive, healthy work culture. Essentially, the department needs to take efforts for binding the employees in an environment that respects and engages them. Above all, the department has to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the employees.

How do the employees perceive the efficiency of the HR department? Do the employees feel comfortable in approaching the department for resolving their issues? Does the HR department create a positive culture and ‘engaging environment’ for the employees? Use this sample questionnaire to understand employees’ opinions on the efficiency of the HR department.  This sample questionnaire provides fifteen statements on a five-point scale and provides some basic statements that cover the efficiency aspects of the HR department. Feel free to modify the questionnaire to suit your research needs.