Employees’ attitudes toward HR managers at the workplace

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The key to effective and successful management lies in keeping the employees happy and motivated. An organization that respects and values its employees sustains its identity and success in the long run. Without a doubt, the support that HR managers extend to employees defines employees’ performance and organizational effectiveness.

Human Resource managers have the key responsibility of maintaining and developing the most valuable asset of an organization – human resources. They are accountable for managing and developing employees in their organization to their fullest potential. Certainly, HR managers need to understand the nature of the people; their behaviors, drives, fears, and expectations, and the environment required for bringing out the best in them. Moreover, employees perform effectively in an environment that values their worth, respects their needs, and provides them with flexibility and freedom to carry out their tasks.

HR managers should create an “enabling” culture where the employees are able to make things happen and, in the process, discover and utilize their potential. Further, HR managers need to remember that they are ‘people representatives’ and need to chalk out an identity for themselves as stewards of the employees. They need to provide the right context in which human performance occurs, thereby enabling the organization to meet its objectives.

Check out the support extended by the HR manager in your organization using this sample questionnaire. This sample questionnaire consists of fifteen statements on a five-point scale. Aspects such as respect, problem-solving, interaction with employees, employee welfare, and decision-making are covered in the questionnaire. You may modify the questionnaire to suit your research requirements.

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