Are you a Dream Chaser? – Check it out with this Questionnaire

All of us have our dreams. We dream to prosper, to be successful at work, or be popular. We dream to have a hassle free, peaceful, and blessed life. Most of us have unfulfilled dreams, hidden deep in our heart. Perhaps, our childhood wishes remain unfulfilled but deep in our heart, we believe that it will materialize someday.

There may be various reasons for our dreams to be shelved. Barriers to achieving our dreams may come from various sources. It could be because of our own fault or due to family, friends, or society. Generally, we feel incapable of chasing our dreams due to three factors – Self, Family and Fact.


Oh yes, we are to be blamed when we do not chase after our dreams. Most of us are afraid to take risks in life. We fear to get out of our ‘comfort zone’ and are not prepared to try something that we desire. We have our inner-self pacifying us for smooth sailing.

Likewise, we feel contented with what we have. We may have a nice job, enjoy peaceful family life and ensured financial security for old age. Therefore, we feel that there is no point in going after our dreams. Oftentimes, contentment is a barrier to pursue our dreams and desires.

At other times, we lack the necessary motivation and the fervor to chase after our dreams. We may not have confidence in ourselves. We may fail to evaluate our abilities or capabilities and negotiate with ourselves to drop our dreams.


When the ‘self’ is strong and balanced, we may have trouble in terms of family. We may not get the necessary support or motivation from spouse or partner.

Sometimes, we happen to sit through a lecture from family members convincing us of how wrong and unpractical our dreams are. They will present a picture of possible risks, difficulties, and mishaps that will truly convince us that our dreams are after all not worthy enough to pursue.


Well yes, hard it may seem, we need to consider that ‘facts’ act as barriers to dream chasers. Facts could be that we do not have adequate resources or facilities to chase our dreams. We may not have the time, energy, support services, or suitable environmental factors that will help us to make our dreams a reality.

Do you have an unfulfilled dream? Do you wish time and again to go after your dreams? Take heart, if it is the will of God, one day you will make your dreams come true.

Are you a dream chaser? Check it out with this sample questionnaire.

Questionnaire – Are you a Dream Chaser

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