Questionnaires - Samples

Dynamics of Curriculum Development

  Dynamics of Curriculum Development: In this post, I am going to share the two most essential factors to be considered, (which I believe to be very important) before developing a curriculum or course. As we all know, Curriculum Development is both a continuous and dynamic process in higher educational institutions. Therefore, it needs to

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Shopping Preferences of Women

Do you want to study the shopping preferences or habits among working women? Do you need to know whether shopping habits among women is a complusive one or does it make them more empowered and happy? Use this questionnaire among selected target group and find out the shopping habits / preferences among women. Questionnaire: Click

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Personal Profile – Sample

Personal Profile sheet may be used for collecting personal information from the respondents for research purpose. Depending on the nature and objective of the study, the content may be changed. Click here to get the sample Personal Profile Sheet PERSONAL PROFILE

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