A Plea to the Almighty

Biblical Calendar
Guest Contributor
Dr. Sonia Selwin 
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Leadership Department 
Andrews University, Michigan

A Plea to the Almighty

Oh Lord, God, Creator of the Universe;
Help me count my blessings.
When all I see around me is sadness and darkness;
Oh Lord, please give me light!

When I am overwhelmed with pain;
Questioning ‘Why should this happen to me?”
When I am discouraged and in tears;
Oh Lord, please give me peace!

When I feel that everything around me is a fake rainbow;
when I feel there is no reason for my living,
When I am drowning in despair, and giving up hope;
Oh Lord, please give me hope!

When abandoned by people I trust;
When all I feel is loneliness deep in my heart.
When I seclude myself from the world
Oh Lord, please give me love!

Lord, please turn Your eyes towards me;
And be merciful towards me.
Reveal your purpose for me; use me in your mission
Oh Lord, please give me grace!

For You alone are the Lord who sees my pain!
For You alone are the Lord who understands me!
May I learn to submit my life to Your will;
Oh Lord, Please remind me “All things work together for good to them that love God”!

Sonia Selwin

Under His shadow

God has been amazing the past months. Indeed, we have gone through tough times, experienced disappointments and frustrations, but our God Almighty has been with us all through. God’s hands have covered us, his eyes watched over us and he has heard our silent pleas and cries. He knows our trials and pains. We can be confident that God would never forsake us. When we seek his presence and guidance, we can be sure that God would never leave our side. Just hold on to your faith. God cares for you. He is going to bless you beyond your imagination.

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