QuestMeraki is from the heart and mind. It is a droplet in the ocean of knowledge, facts, perceptions, attitudes, emotions and aspirations. It deals with the known and the expected, believed and the wished, wisdom and the sensations, petite and exciting things in life. It is all about people, workplace, education, family and God.

The name says it all!

Indeed, QuestMeraki is an initiative that I wish to do wholeheartedly and with a deep sense of commitment. It is a combination of two powerful words ‘Quest’ + ‘Meraki’.

Quest –  (v) to search for something; to pursue

Meraki – a Greek word which means – (v) to do something with passion or love, with devotion; to put your soul into something that you are doing.

Yes, the purpose of this blog is to look at different topics from a new perspective; to search for facts and findings; to add to existing ‘knowledge’ content and present it to my readers for their benefit.  Hand over my heart, I wish to do all these and much more with great passion and love; love for search of knowledge; love to share…

Get introduced to QuestMeraki

Perspective is a place for sharing author’s opinions and understanding of various matters; be it academic substance, research, management issues, work life, everyday concerns or life’s challenges.

Testimonies, God’s immense grace and His Divine words are featured in the “Palms of His Hands”.

Research is both a passion and an intellectual demand for many people. If you are one such person, click on “Questionnaires – Samples” to view some sample questionnaires for undertaking surveys/research on different topics. These will be merely prompters which will help you build a more extensive questionnaire.

Ideating Zone is where you get access to training packs on various topics, exercises, task sheets and self-evaluation tools that may be useful for personal or professional purposes.

I believe…

There is always room for spice and fun in learning and living!

There is always a space in our heart for new hope and new beginnings…

I sincerely hope that you will find this blog useful as you journey in search of information.

A few words about myself…

I have been a teacher most of my adult life. I spent the last 18 years in higher educational institutions, teaching diversified students in India, Dubai and Oman. Previous to this, I worked at a Social Work Organisation, which gave me strong foundation for research. I hold a Ph.D,  a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Business Administration. My specialisation is Human Resource Management (MSW) and Education Management (MBA). Presently, I live in Bahrain with my delightful family.

I enjoy meeting and facilitating learning among students. Research has always been my passion and I enjoy preparing questionnaires, reviewing literature, analysing data and writing reports. It is this passion which motivated me to start this blog. I wanted to share my interests with the world at large. I wish that you will benefit at least in a small way by visiting my blog. 🙂

Be God’s and Be Good

Anthea Washington