Woman’s Freedom


Woman’s Freedom means different things to different people. A person from a Women’s Rights organization looks at it from a perspective that is far different from how a suppressed woman views freedom.

Generally, when you talk about woman’s freedom, it denotes her freedom in living her life, as she should. If a woman is able to study a course that she is passionate about or pursue her dream career, she enjoys her freedom; if a woman earns and lives a life style that others can whine about, she enjoys her freedom, or so it seems.

For some, woman’s freedom means ‘equality’; being on par with men. It could be equality in wages, voting rights, or choosing a career path. If she is a mature decision-maker at home, she enjoys her freedom. If a woman can walk home safely from work without facing any violence or harassment, it implies she enjoys her freedom. This is what women’s freedom means to many.

However, do you call this as a woman’s freedom? Supposing, you have a safe life, a loving husband & children, lucrative, satisfying job, beautiful home and intelligent friends. Then, in that case, what will freedom mean to you as a woman? What will you suggest?

To me, woman’s freedom does not mean equality or having the freedom to spend my earnings, as I like. It does not imply that I have the choice of saying no to cooking and having a meal out. Also, it does not mean that I make a deal with my spouse to drop my children at school or take them to the hospital on the pretext that it is his turn. It is not shopping until I drop using my husband’s credit card. Oh no, it means much more than that. If you ask me, I will tell you what woman’s freedom means to me.

Here are some random thoughts on Woman’s Freedom

To me, woman’s freedom means being able to be “ME”. I believe that a woman’s freedom is rightly and truly reflected in her joy of ‘personal space’. Hence, I would prefer to use the word ‘personal space’ than freedom.

  • Having the space for personal care and emotional well-being
  • Being surrounded by people who accept her immaturity (sometimes) and sentiments
  • Having the luxury of relaxing and daydreaming at least an hour in a week
  • Being ‘child-like’ and making a wish-list with a hope of getting them all
  • Having the personal space to do what you like in the midst of everyday routine like taking care of children, spouse and work
  • Being able to reflect on your youth and chase a passion that was long lost
  • Practicing spirituality for ‘wholesome’ wellness
  • Doing a community activity that will touch at least few people’s lives
  • Educating, creating awareness, sharing knowledge/skills/expertise and spreading goodwill, expecting nothing in return
  • Giving gifts to people you love and the unknown
  • Giving a free meal at least once a week to someone who is less privileged
  • Standing up for truth and not be afraid to say no
  • Having health and energy to go for a walk in a park without a cane when you are 80 years old

Most importantly,

  • Being able to wake up every morning, appreciate God’s handicraft and having the right attitude to be thankful for His blessings
  • Enjoying the beauty of seeing, touching, feeling, tasting and hearing; being able to breath fresh air, move your hands and legs and do your chores by yourselves.

I feel that when a woman enjoys these, she has space and freedom in the real sense.

I wish I could go on and on. However, I would like to know your thoughts on woman’s freedom. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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