Topics for Research on Education, Technology, and Social Science

My friend and I were discussing few viable topics for research in the area of Education and Political Science. Our brainstorming session was quite fruitful. In fact, I got the interest to think of more topics in the area of Education, Technology, and Social Science. Well, I have listed few topics that I could think of. Happy reading!

Topics for Research

  1. A Socio-political Perspective on the Development, Challenges and Future directions of Education in the Middle East
  2. Perceptions of Teachers and Students on the influence of Technological Growth on Higher Education Initiatives
  3. Leadership in Educational Institutions and its influence on community outreach initiatives – An opinion study among Teachers, Students and NGO representatives
  4. Women’s Rights and Educational Leadership – The influence of Technology and Social Media
  5. The influence of Social and Political Awareness on Educational Development – Opinion of Women Leaders
  6. Role of Higher Education Institutions and Social Service Organizations in Community Development and Good Governance
  7. Best Practices in using Technology for Community Service and Sustainability
  8. A Socio-psychological Assessment on Digital Education and its impact on Adolescents
  9. The impact of Environmental Education on Society and Sustainability
  10. The influence of Tourism Education on Cultural Heritage: A Perception Study among Teachers and Students
  11. Leadership and Social Competence correlate Technology Use: A comparative study among Teachers and Corporate Staff
  12. Women’s Rights and Gender Inequality – A Comparative Study among Teachers and Students
  13. Use of Technology in Educating Women in Rural Sectors : Role and Responsibilities of NGOs and the Government
  14. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Qualities among Self-Help Group Members
  15. Psychological Well Being and Resilience correlate Job Stress among Nurses
  16. Social Competence and Performance: The Role of Education among Self-Help Group Members
  17. Psychological Well-being and Performance : The Role of Education among Women Leaders
  18. Pressure of Technology use in Higher Education correlate Psychological Stress faced by Students

Will be back with more topics…

Love to get your suggestions.