Topics for Research in Social Science

If you are someone wishing to pursue a Ph.D or a postgraduate degree in social science, your biggest concern will be choosing a research topic that is feasible and original. Moreover, you will also need to select a topic that kindles your interest. Further, the topic needs to be relevant to your field of study and to your career as well. Are you searching for an interesting research topic in social science?

Here are few suggestions.

Research Topics in Social Science

  1. A Study on Self-esteem and Spiritual Intelligence correlate Quality of Life among Employed Women
  2. Influence of Aggressive Behavior on Psychological Well-being among Adolescents
  3. An Assessment of Psychological and Social Support among deprived women in Rural Sectors
  4. The Influence of Peers and Family members in resolving marital conflicts and life stress among working women
  5. A Study on Role Conflict, Role Stress, and Employees’ Well-being in Financial Institutions
  6. The Impact of Organizational Culture and Work Stress on Employees’ Job Satisfaction
  7. Work and Family Pressures correlate Emotional Well-being: A Comparative Study among Teachers and Corporate Staff
  8. Effect of Traumatic Life Events on Resilience and Work-life Balance among Women
  9. A Study on the relationship between Coping Strategies and Work-life Balance among Women with Marital Problems
  10. Relocation, Cultural Transition and Coping Mechanisms: A Study on the Adjustment Patterns of Adolescents and Married Women
  11. The influence of Cross-cultural Training on Expatriates’ Self-esteem and Quality of Work Life
  12. The relationship between Job Stress and Motivational Strategies on Job Performance among Employees
  13. Personality Traits and Ability to Adapt in a New Work Culture: A Comparative Study between Managers and Teachers
  14. Career Growth and Job Satisfaction: The Role of Line Managers in Corporate Settings
  15. Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Life Satisfaction and Self-Worth among working Males and Females
  16. Lifestyle and Peer Recognition: A Comparative Study among Men and Women from IT Sectors
  17. Socio-cultural influence on Unemployment, Depression, and Self-esteem
  18. Perception of Students on Academic Pressure and Institutional Support correlate Psychological problems
  19. Self-esteem and Life Satisfaction: A Comparative study among boys and girls from Dysfunctional families
  20. Behavioral Patterns of Students recovering from Drug Addiction and the role of family members

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