Topics for Research in Marketing

Okay, so you are someone interested in doing research in Marketing Management. You are right now looking for new and trendy topics for research. Or you have already listed down some exciting topics and are wondering which one to select and take it to your guide for approval.

If so, this post is for YOU! Welcome to this post!

Well, in this post you will find few topics that you might find interesting and would like to take it up for your project work / thesis. Why not do an in-depth research on each of these topics and check out if you can proceed further?  Are you getting a burning sensation in your head when you think of a topic? Do you feel that this idea or topic ignites your passion for research? Then go ahead!

Whatever the purpose of your study, these topics are listed just for triggering your thoughts and getting you moving forward.

So, here you go…

Topics for Research:

1. A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice study among Customers on Digital Marketing

2. The influence of Mobile Marketing in Customers’ Buying Habits

3. The Role of Digital Media in Brand Creation and Management

4. A Perception study among Bank Employees (change target group as per your needs) on Online Marketing and its impact on Economy

5. Preferences of Small Business Owners on Social Media Marketing

6. A study on Contact Marketing Strategies for achieving Turnaround Sales

7. Influence of Societal forces on Innovative Marketing / Social Media Marketing Strategies

8. Perceptions of Middle level firms on Relationship Marketing with specific reference to… (target location or target group)

9. Customer Delight and Corporate Social Responsibility in Social Media Marketing – A Perception Study

10. A study on Internet of Things (IoT) and Customer Reach – Strategies for Powerful Marketing

11. Customers’ Experiences in Social Media Marketing – Preferences for Personalized Marketing

12. Creative Marketing in influencing Customers’ Lifestyles and Buying Patterns

So, the above are some ideas that I wanted to share with you. Did you find them useful? Please leave your suggestions for improving the content 