Does your Team influence Work Performance in your organization?

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In the corporate world, being a part of a team is inevitable. Every individual, irrespective of the role and responsibilities that he/she performs, functions as part of a team. Not only in the corporate world, teams evolve in every set-up, be it educational, service or not-for-profit organizations. In fact, teams are imperative for effective and efficient completion of tasks.

Teams are purposive and goal-oriented. Teams consist of group of people who work together for achieving common purposes. Though individuals have their own tasks/roles and responsibilities to perform, they are mutually dependent on team members for the smooth progress of combined work.

Teams help the members in the work environment in various ways. For example, they help by sharing ideas, knowledge and skills.  Creative and innovative solutions come through effective teams. In fact, collective efforts of team members helps to accomplish work faster than by individual efforts. Further, teams help others to achieve common and individual career goals.

Teams enable members to focus on goals and steer the members toward taking the right direction in achieving goals. The members help one another in achieving goals through mutual support, constructive feedback and healthy inter-personal relationships.

The effectiveness of teams depend on several factors such as team’s working style, responsiveness, team cohesiveness, meeting targets and so on.  No doubt, higher the team’s effectiveness in working together, higher will be the organization’s performance. Indeed, the success of organizations depends on its overall performance. There is a direct link between Team effectiveness and Performance.

Team Influence on Work Performance – Questionnaire

Use the questionnaire to check how effectively teams function in your organization for influencing work performance. The questionnaire has twenty statements covering important factors for team’s success. The responses are got on a five-point scale namely Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral Disagree and Strongly Disagree. You may modify the questionnaire to suit your research requirements.

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