The ‘Student-centered’ Teacher – Questionnaire


Teachers need much more than subject expertise and skills. They need to be genuine to their students.

Technological advancement has given students access to myriad online courses and virtual education programs. Web facilitated learning and home schooling are becoming common as well. With easy accessibility and affordability to gadgets and technology, students find it more convenient to learn online. Hence, with so much flexibility and access to information, students are favoring online learning.

Do we have the fear of online learning platforms replacing traditional schooling? Is there a possibility of traditional classroom learning getting lost in the tech-tsunami? I do not think so. In fact, I believe that people will always value the support received in traditional classroom settings. Nothing can replace the friendly, empathetic, and sacrificial attitude of teachers in a classroom.

Students look upon their teachers not only for academic support, but also for emotional care, mentoring, and guidance. They seek the ‘person’ in a teacher, always admire, and respect the ‘spirit of service’ in teachers. Therefore, it requires that teachers display a range of ‘student-centered’ qualities.

As a teacher, are you student-centered? Do you think you have the necessary qualities that will lead to students-delight? As a student, do you believe that your teacher has the pertinent qualities that encourage students? As peer teachers, do you like to know the ‘student-centered qualities of your colleagues?

Student-centered teacher - Questionnaire

Click on the link to download a sample questionnaire on ‘student-centered’ teacher. The questionnaire has 25 statements on a five- point scale namely, Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often and Always. The factors covered focus on emotional stability, motivation, personality traits, and interpersonal relationship with students.

Questionnaire- Student-centered Teacher

This is only a sample and you may modify the questionnaire for carrying out an academic research.

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