Simple Tips for Effective Short Speech – Making an impact on your audience

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I get amused browsing my daughter’s ‘class conversation’ in their WhatsApp group. Well, if you are thinking why I should read her chats, it all goes to ‘effective parenting’ (LOL!); an altogether different topic. Hence, yes, I keep track of her activities.

Currently, the group is so active and in a hyper-mood. It is all because of the short speech they have to give in their class. The entire class is anxious and is fretting over it. They are sharing all their emotions – nervous, frightened, jittery, voices cracking and some even angry because of their turn the next day. Others are pleading with their friends not to laugh, or stare or make fun.

Indeed, we all get nervous when we have to present to an audience. Even if it is a small group – be it a business presentation, workshop, or short speech, we get so frightened that our heart beats fast and throat runs dry. However, with planning and clear focus, making a short speech will not be a nightmare.

Well, for my part, I gave few suggestions to my daughter. Eventually, thought of sharing the same in this post.

Here are few tips for making an effective short speech

Prepare a clear outline

Drafting an outline helps in focusing and getting more clarity on the topic. Make a simple outline covering only the essential points to be shared.

Collect relevant information

Preparing an effective speech is becoming more difficult because of information overload. In fact, we get so confused and overwhelmed due to excessive information on every topic. Hence, it is crucial that one collects and presents only relevant and contextual information in a logical manner.

Develop the content

While developing the content, keep in mind that it needs to be Concise, Complete, Creative and Candid. Do not use lengthy sentences, jargons, or terms that will confuse the audience. Further, keep it simple, honest and straightforward.

Share a real-life story

Success stories need not always be on Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Try to share something more relevant to the context. Talk about ordinary local people who made it Big in life. This will help the audience to relate with their lives more effectively.


It will do no harm to practice before family or friends and get their feedback. Practice will help you to refine your content and delivery style. Moreover, practice will help in developing your confidence.

Keep it alive

Everything depends on your delivery style. Even interesting content may sound boring when the style of delivery is monotonous or lacks the spirit. Be lively, maintain your cool, smile, take care of voice modulation, share a joke or two and get the participants’ attention. Remember that the intention is to grab and retain the attention of the audience even if it is a short speech.

Wishing you success!