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Self-motivation is the force within you that drives you to do something you want. It thrusts you to move forward and achieve what you can and beyond. It is an innate energy; a key life skill that works within you and makes you to move mountains. Self-motivation helps you to understand and manage your life, emotions and your behavior towards others.

Experts and human behavior scientists have made in-depth analysis on self-motivation and have recorded their opinions from various perspectives.  Professionals and scholars have talked about its importance, conducted several studies on the topic and given suggestions for improving self-motivation.  Therefore, in this post I am not going to add any new concepts to this complex but interesting topic. In fact, I am not good enough to do that! However, I wish to list the factors that contribute to self-motivation based on available literature and present a questionnaire on self-motivation.

Factors of Self-Motivation:

The factors (according to theories and notions) that generally help determine self-motivation are  self-confidence,  self-efficacy, risk-taking, goal setting, commitment, taking initiative, positive attitude, managing time and being organized.

Daniel Goleman, the authority on Emotional Intelligence has identified four elements of motivation viz-Personal drive (to improve and achieve; meet standards), Commitment (to both personal and organizational goals), Initiative (‘readiness to act’) and Optimism (willing to persevere in times of facing hurdles)*. Based on these factors, I have come up with few statements under each element for understanding how much you are self-motivated as a person. Indeed, the statements merely express my views and hence, for academic or research purpose, it calls for checking the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Based on the requirements of your study, you may modify or refine the statements to suit individual needs.

The Self-Motivation Questionnaire – I covers four elements namely Personal Drive, Commitment, Initiative and optimism. Few others factors such as risk-taking, self-confidence, self-efficacy, setting goals etc. will be covered in the upcoming post on Self-Motivation Questionnaire – II.

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Self-Motivation Questionnaire-I


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