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Resilience depends on the ‘inner self’ of a person and therefore differs from one individual to another. The manner in which a person handles a crisis or a traumatic situation and leads a normal life depends largely on one’s innate capacity. Of course, support from family and friends and other environmental factors determine a person’s level of resilience. However, an individual’s ability to deal with stress and adversities in life builds resilience in people.

In my previous post, I had mentioned that resilience depends on three essential factors namely Experience, Effort, and Expectation.

Resilience = Experience x Effort x Expectation

Our experiences or experiences of others teach us to react to situations either in a healthy or unproductive manner. Our experiences may have made us stronger and trained us to display ‘controlled emotions’. We may have developed the art of emotional balance. We may have become more tolerant and mature in dealing with traumatic situations. On the other hand, we may have become remorse or defeated due to circumstances. Hence, a person’s level of resilience depends on lessons learned from his/her experiences.

Similarly, if we take purposive efforts to handle a crisis, instead of carrying a defeated outlook, we can display a high level of resilience. For example, involving in productive activities, working on our goals, or handling adversities maturely need focused efforts. Those who are able to train their minds for handling pressures and emotional outbursts display high resilience. When we set our minds on being positive and not giving up during tough times, we will start building resilience.

Lastly, when we set our expectations being aware of one’s abilities and those of others, we will be able to build high level of resilience. Those who do not blame others during adversities but believe in their abilities and walk ahead with hope display high resilience.

Are you a resilient person? Check your level of Resilience

Do you want to know the level of your resilience? Test your resilience level with this questionnaire. Download a sample questionnaire by clicking on the link.

Questionnaire Level of Resilience

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