Why Personal Value Systems of Managers make a great deal?

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Managers are the key figures in an organization. The success of organizations depends on the actions, decisions and ethics of the managers. In particular, managerial values determine the pattern of behavior a person is prone to engage in. Values of managers are the symbols of a motivated workforce and happy organization. Hence, in the absence of personal values, there exists a gap between effective organization’s operations and employees’ expectations. Employee-employer relationships take a setback. Moreover, the direction of organization’s pathway remains hidden in the absence of healthy value systems.

Employees look upon managers to adorn value systems that determine organizational effectiveness and success. Organizations celebrate managers that advocate a style of management revolving around dynamic attributes and values.

George W. England (1975) had listed the following areas where the personal value system of managers makes a significant influence.

The following is an extract from my work on “A Study on the Managerial Work Values” during my post-graduate study.

Value system of Managers influence –

  • the way he looks or perceives other individuals or group of individuals, thereby influencing interpersonal relationships
  • managers’ perception of situations or problems that he/she faces
  • the decisions and the solutions taken by managers in times of problems/situations
  • the extent to which a manager will accept or resist organizational pressures and goals
  • in addition to influencing the perceptions of individuals and organizational success, they make an impact on their achievements as well
  • the ethical behavior of managers by determining the right and wrong behaviors and setting acceptable standards
  • relevant analysis of comparative studies among national and organizational groups of individuals

Therefore, it is imperative that managers give careful attention towards cultivating and exhibiting healthy and positive value systems. However, it is essential that the top management is committed towards promoting value systems in all areas of corporate and personal behavior. Accordingly, personal values make an impact on the organizational climate, while also shaping the actions and behaviors of individuals.


England, G.W. (1975). The Manager and his Values: An International Perspective. Cambridge. Mass, Ballinger Publishing Co.