Personal Accountability as a Lifestyle


Do you take ownership for your actions?

Personal Accountability is a dynamic package of ethics, discipline, and self-respect. It is an asset, which helps you to be successful at both work and home. Personal accountability is more of a choice made by a person consciously to behave in a desired manner.

In fact, I would say that personal accountability is a lifestyle. Not every individual will have the courage or the grace to be accountable for his/her actions and behavior. Actually, you reach new heights of glory and esteem when you take responsibility for your actions.

As you will agree, for most people, it is a habit to blame someone or point the finger at others for mishaps or setbacks at work. About two days back, an employee was shown the door by the organization due to financial crisis. This person went to his line manager to request a chance to resign (if possible) rather than getting laid-off. After all, it was not his fault. What do you think was the line manager’s response? You guessed right. He got the prompt reply that she does not know anything about it, and it was management’s decision. What a shame!

It is during times as these, you wonder if accountability and ownership are just for the elite bold and the ethical. Personal accountability is a virtue that not all carry. It is something that comes from within you. Thus, not everyone who holds leadership position is accountable. They merely hold the title, and are far from being accountable as a leader or as a person.

What does it take?

Being accountable needs commitment and willingness to take responsibility for your actions and decisions. It is not throwing the blame on others or making lame excuses. Individuals with personal accountability take pride in their team and stand by them at all times. Further, they persevere to complete tasks to perfection. Integrity and transparency are their strengths.

Personal Accountability Questionnaire

How much do you value personal accountability? Are you a person who cherishes accountability and ownership? Do you take personal accountability as a unique attribute that gives you a personal branding? Well, check it out with this questionnaire. Questionnaire - Personal Accountability

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