Are you living a mediocre life? Are you comfortable in being an ‘average’ person?

Most people are happy and satisfied to be in their ‘comfort zone’. They believe in playing it safe and hence limp through whatever path life takes them. In fact, they are happy to go with the tide. Even worse, they start believing that the life they are leading is predestined and never get the courage to get out of their monotonous life. Consequently, even when they feel unfulfilled and shackled by hopelessness and boredom, they refuse to try anything better.

Mediocrity leads to five conditions that unfortunately controls you and ultimately defines you.

Menaces of leading a Mediocre Life

  1. Drives fear in us

The more we settle for a mediocre life, we start losing our self-confidence. We fear taking risks of any sorts and generally accept what comes to us; with or without grudges. We hesitate to venture into something new for fear of letdowns or disappointments.

  1. Getting ‘comfy’ being an average person

Every individual has a need for leading a comfortable life. We seek comfort in every area of our life – family, work, entertainment, or even in religion. As long as we are in the state of being ‘satisfied’, we live a mediocre life and miss the fun of true living. Needless to say, there is joy and dignity in contentment, however, mere ‘satisfaction’ is rather dangerous.

  1. Attitude to surrender

This is yet another situation where we come close to disaster. The life of an average person is mostly underlined by submissive attitude, acceptance or seeking approvals from others. As a matter of fact, even decision-making and problem solving for our personal issues become difficult and we end up seeking the advice of friends or family. We would rather accept whatever comes along than fight to get what we deserve.

  1. Low self-worth

Most often, leading a mediocre life leads to low self-worth and lack of trust in ourselves. Unfortunately, mediocrity conditions us to dependency, low self-esteem, and inability in terms of skills and competencies.

  1. Accepting Failures

One of dangers of leading a mediocre life is ‘giving up’ quickly. Lack of perseverance and commitment are something that most of us wear like an accessory to everyday living. Usually, a mediocre person wants to attain things easily; perhaps at the first try. Thus, if we do not get what we desire, we accept the failure and move on in life. Overall, failures and defeats blind our positive attitude, confidence, and faith in ourselves.

Mediocrity Questionnaire

Are you leading a mediocre life? Check it out with this questionnaire.

Questionnaire -Mediocrity

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