We can learn from the numerous definitions of management and leadership that there are clear distinctions between a manager and a leader. Theoretically, we know that managers are people who get things done through others to achieve organizational goals. On the other hand, leaders are those who inspire people to walk the journey of the organization with personal involvement.

Knights and Willmott refer to “managing as an everyday activity that involves interactions between people that ‘are not unrelated or entirely dissimilar to other spheres of life….”(Mullins). However, leadership as defined by Ivancevich et al is “the process of influencing others to facilitate the attainment of organizationally relevant goals”.

Basically, the making of leaders depends on one’s personality or intentions, while the making of managers could be of necessity, practice or availability. In fact, a leader brings changes in people and in the organization. A manager is involved in administering and maintaining organizational functions. In contrast, a leader engages, creates and innovates. Furthermore, a manager upholds job-centered commitment, whereas, the leader upholds person-centered commitment as well.

All said and done, a manager definitely requires the ability of leadership. Besides, leadership is a part of management role. Therefore, to be effective and contributive in an organization, one needs to possess both managerial and leadership material.

Manager or Leader?

Indeed, it is true that the material that you are made of is not so easily identifiable. Agreed, we have job titles as ‘managers’ that will help people to approach you. However, your identity goes beyond job titles or positions in any organization.

Eventually, what matters is how efficient and effective you are as a person, in terms of both a leader and a manager. Perhaps, this questionnaire will help you to know your standing as a manager or a leader. Alternatively, you may use it for the purpose of academic research.  

Check out your identity as a manager or a leader. Click here to download questionnaire.


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