Magic spell - Cinderella Story applied at work

As children we have read countless times, one of the most popular fairy tales “Cinderella” and adored the fantasy and the charm of ‘lived happily ever after’. We might have even wondered if the ‘rags to riches’ phenomenon would touch our lives. Being patient in times of adversity leads to happy ending,  hard work brings hope,  the do-gooders will always receive their reward have been some of the morals that we have learned from the story.

This fairy tale is more a scary tale to the countless Cinderella(s) at work place.  Women at work face innumerable challenges that leave them with bruised ego, humiliation and lack of motivation. Well, just remember that there is a Cinderella in you. How do you tackle the adversities at work, which will make you walk with confidence and shine forth? Few lessons from Cinderella story …

  • Fairy God mother - Look how the Fairy God mother helped Cinderella. Pumpkin turned to a beautify coach, mice turned to white horses, mouse to coachman and rags turned to a beautiful gown*. Cinderella used them all to go to the royal ball. Your Fairy God mother at work is all the resources and opportunities provided by the management. Make effective use of training and employee development programmes, learn to be tech-savvy, undertake research and do everything in your capacity for professional growth. Convert your rags of adversities to riches in terms of learning and professional development. You will get going to the royal ball!
  • Glass Slippers – Cinderella left a glass slipper (dainty and beautiful) at the royal ball, in hurry and by chance. Oh, but then, she did the right thing didn’t she? It helped the Prince to come in search of her. What does this tell us? Leave glass slippers at work place! And they come in the form of work ethics, values, commitment, team spirit, harmony with colleagues and healthy relationships. These bring out the beauty and the fragrance of your work. Whatever you do, you need to do it with involvement and sincerity. When you do that, ‘Prince Charming’ in the form of recognition, appreciation, new opportunities and career developments will come your way at the right time.
  • At midnight the magic ends – Cinderella was instructed to leave the ballroom at midnight sharp. If she does not, the magic spell would end. And obey she did! And rose to riches. At work too, instructions and procedures of the organization need to be followed to the dot. If you follow rules and regulations and adhere to all policies, harassment and humility at work will take wings. Troubles caused by others will smoke out and as the bible says no weapon formed against you will prosper. A magic happens…

And as the Fairy tale goes, you will live happily ever after.

Stay Blessed!

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