Job Stress Questionnaire – I

Job Stress:

Job Stress is a phenomenon which is very common among employees and is one of the most studied topics among researchers, academicians and corporate personnels. The topic has been analysed in various perspectives and stress management strategies have been widely discussed. Alas! stress still exists and is one of the main culprits for physical and psychological problems among employees.

There are various factors which lead to workplace stress. Employees generally undergo stress due to job insecurity, work overload and poor relationships at work. Further, stress is also caused due to unhealthy work environment, rules & regulations, management issues and policies, poor facilities at work, work-life imbalance and so on.

Therefore, stress is something which grips every employee at one point of time or another in their career. Stress at work needs to be carefully assessed and tackled.  So, do you want to conduct a study on Job Stress?

Factors of Job Stress:

This questionnaire focuses on factors such as Relationship with colleagues/peers, Management, Company policies, Workload and Promotion. Few other factors will be covered in Questionnaire - II.

Go ahead and use this questionnaire to check out the causes of stress among respondents within your study focus.

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