Every organization strives to bring out the best in their employees. Managers and decision-makers aim at maximizing the work performance of their team members. Of course, it is true that organizations achieve high productivity through high performers. Likewise, the dream of every employee is to perform effectively at work and earn due recognition from the management and line manager.

Achieving high performance at work depends on several factors. Then again, if the essential factors act against the benefit of employees, it leads to poor work performance. The factors contributing to or hindering effective performance at work can be classified under two broad categories namely: Job-related factors and Person-related factors.

Job –related factors include factors such as relationship among colleagues, teamwork, superiors or line manager’s support, work conditions, benefits, workload, organizational culture, company policies, roles and responsibilities, facilities at work, recognition, motivation, welfare measures, appraisal system, promotion, and job security.

Person-related factors include knowledge and skills, perceptions, physical and psychological well-being, stress management, personal and family concerns, handling work pressures, interpersonal relationship with peers, self-motivation, attitude and emotional intelligence.

Questionnaire on Factors affecting work performance

Do you like to study the influence of job-related factors on work performance? Well then, in this post, you will find a sample questionnaire on job-related factors affecting work performance. (I will upload a questionnaire on Person-related factors in the upcoming post).

I like to take up few job-related factors namely working as a team, support from superiors, workload, and work roles as factors in the sample questionnaire. The sample questionnaire includes 20 statements covering the four dimensions mentioned above. Further, the responses are got on a five-point scale namely, Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, and Strongly Agree. This is only a sample questionnaire. Therefore, you may modify / refine the questionnaire to suit your specific educational needs.

Click here to download the questionnaire Questionnaire – Factors affecting performance – 1

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