Interpersonal Relationship at Work


Interpersonal Relationship at Work:

Is your name on everyone’s lips in your office? Are they calling your name innumerable times a day? If you say yes, then it means you have good interpersonal relationship at work.  Alternatively, think of someone you are working with whose name is on everyone’s lips; being called frequently by colleagues.

You will notice that people keep calling you (or their name) seeking help, asking suggestions, clarifying doubts, expressing concerns, unburdening their grievances or simply sharing jokes. It could be asking your help for a simple task as troubleshooting a problem in a desktop or about a strategic plan. Interpersonal relationship is a special kind of bond that exists between two or more persons; therefore it creates a friendly, supportive and healthy relationship between or among people. Interpersonal relationship at work is the kind of affiliation that people share at and during work.

Factors affecting Interpersonal Relationship at Work:

Several factors influence interpersonal relationship at work. You know that people can share healthy relationships only if there is trust and respect between them. Open and transparent communication is another important factor for having healthy interpersonal relationship. Relationship between or among colleagues is strengthened by positive attitude, helpful nature, sharing ideas, knowledge, concerns and grievances.

You also need to have skills such as problem-solving skills, listening skills and conflict management skills if you need to have healthy interpersonal relationship at work. Furthermore, diplomacy, being able to manage one’s emotions and being unbiased promote relationship at work. Being friendly and cordial to everyone is a much-desired trait for interpersonal relationship.

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