Simple and Interesting Topics for Research in Psychology / Social Science


The following topics are suggestions or choices for students / scholars pursuing research studies in the field of general psychology or social science. The topics are straightforward and quite simple. Hope you will find it interesting and useful.

Suggested Topics in Psychology /Social Science

  1. Diversity of Workforce, Employee Adjustment and Well-being – A Comparative Study among Expatriates and Nationals
  2. Glass Ceiling and Workplace Stress among Women from Corporate Sectors
  3. The Relationship between Job Stress and Emotional Intelligence among IT and Bank Professionals
  4. The Role of Self-efficacy in dealing with Personal and Career Issues among women from Dysfunctional Families
  5. Burnout, Quality of Life and Life Satisfaction among Family Members of Children with Autism
  6. Mental Health, Self-efficacy and Academic Performance among Students from Dysfunctional Families
  7. Anxiety, Depression and Coping Mechanism among Adolescents in Rehabilitation Care
  8. Psychological Trauma and Coping Mechanism of Homemakers due to Loss of Spouse
  9. Labeling, Withdrawal Symptoms and Coping Strategies among Transgender
  10. Obesity, Stress and Mental Health – A Correlation Study among Working Women and University Students
  11. A Study on the Relationship between Personality Traits and Manipulative Behavior among Young Women
  12. Impact of Technology, Childhood Tantrums and Parental Coping Strategies – A Cross-sectional Study among Rural and Urban Parents
  13. Employee Traits, Job Stress and Withdrawal Symptoms – The Role of Line Managers in Retaining Employees
  14. Quality of life and Spiritual Intelligence among Teachers with Family Problems
  15. Psychological Trauma and Coping Strategies in Families facing Criminal Charges
  16. Personality, Self-efficacy and Emotional Intelligence among Sexually Abused Women
  17. Coping with Financial Loss, Stress and Depression among Small and Medium Scale Business Owners
  18. Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Anxiety, Insecurity & Withdrawal Symptoms among Retired Men
  19. Emotional and Psychological Problems faced by Expatriates returning to Homeland
  20. Relationship between Aging and Emotional Intelligence – The Influence of Socio-Cultural Factors

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