Interesting Research Topics in Social Science

As promised, I am going to post more interesting research topics in the area of Social Science.

Well, I need to say that this is getting more interesting for me as I switch on my ‘think-mode’ and write down the topics that cross my mind. I hope that you find them useful and interesting as well. Okay, here we go.

Interesting Research Topics

  1. Influence of Social Media among Adolescents – A Comparative Study among Urban and Rural Adolescents
  2. Family adjustment and Coping Strategies among Battered Women
  3. Health and Psychological Well-being correlate Work-life Balance and Performance
  4. Self-efficacy, Spiritual Well-being, and Quality of Life – A Comparative Study among Married and Unmarried Professionals
  5. Influence of Psychological and Emotional Well-being on Life Satisfaction
  6. Role of Self-help Groups for Economic and Social Upliftment among deprived Women
  7. Psychological and Social Problems faced by Unemployed Educated Males – A Comparative Study between Two GCC countries
  8. Leadership Behavior among Adolescent Girls from Dysfunctional Families
  9. Adjustment Patterns, Leadership Qualities, and Stress Management correlate Academic Performance among College Students
  10. Technology, Learning Intention and Community Development – Facts and Myths
  11. Violence at Work among Women correlate Trust, Ethics and Personal Integrity
  12. Psychological Threat and Stress due to Cultural and Social Behaviors towards Single Women in Rural Settings
  13. The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Role Stress, and Personality Traits among Managers
  14. Transferable Skills and Career Prospects among Engineering Students
  15. Personality Traits and Social Skills as moderators of Interpersonal Relationship at Work
  16. Personal and Emotional Competency correlate Conflict and Stress Management
  17. Work Values and Leadership Behavior among Teachers from Rural Settings
  18. Emotional and Psychological Well-being among PR Women from Politically Stagnant Cities
  19. Loyalty, Ethics and Performance Success – Role of Peer Support and Interpersonal Relationship
  20. Strategies of Working Women to overcome Negativity and Life Stressors

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