Interesting Research Topics in Social Sciences – Criminology

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It is disheartening to hear about the numerous crimes committed against women, children and the disadvantaged across the globe. Indeed, it makes us to wonder the effective functioning of prevailing ‘system of justice’. Media cares for the news for a day and moves on to cover more appealing and dramatic news. However, the victims and their families suffer the consequences for a lifetime.

Therefore, in this scenario, what are the roles and responsibilities of the authorities? What should the authorities do for carrying them out effectively? What are the psychological and emotional problems faced by the victims? How can we minimize the crimes or help the victims get back to normal life? What are the professional ethics of solicitors? These are few among the many common questions raised by scholars and academicians.

Many other thoughts crop up among scholars or academicians that form the basis for their research studies. Presented in this post are few topics under Social Sciences – Criminology for those interested in research. Without doubt, Criminology is an interesting area of study and a much-needed one in the present circumstances.

Topics in Criminology

  1. Knowledge, Attitude and Perceptions of Police Force and Government Officials in Preventing Cyber Crime
  2. Awareness Education on Child Abuse and Violence against Women in Urban and Rural Settings – Role of Students, Teachers and Educational Institutions
  3. Perceptions and Behavioral Traits of Forensic Professionals on dealing with Crime and Crime Sites
  4. Psycho-Social Behavior Patterns of Solicitors and Forensic Experts within and Outside Family
  5. Personality Traits and Professional Ethics of Lawyers dealing with Criminals
  6. Habits, Personality and Offensive Behavior among Juvenile Boys with criminal record
  7. A Study on the Nature and Impact of Organized Crimes in Society – Perceptions of Lawyers and Police Officials
  8. Impact of Bank and Insurance Frauds on the Lifestyle of Victims – Correlate Emotional and Psychological Problems
  9. Cyber Crime, Hackers and Blackmailing – Perceptions of Solicitors on Prevention and dealing with Victims with special reference to Developed Countries
  10. Murders and Crime Scene – A Study on the Psychological and Emotional Traumas of Victims’ Families, Police and Advocates
  11. Financial Frauds and Escapism – Role of Government and Solicitors in curbing Frauds
  12. Child Rape and Judicial System – Response of Human Rights Activists
  13. Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Violence against Women – Responsibilities of Families, Activists and Victims
  14. Overseas Job Promises and Agent Frauds – The Need for Awareness, Policies and Systems
  15. Crime and Social Media – The Dangers and Glories : A Perception Study among Corporate Employees

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