Are you giving up? Don’t, you can do it!


There are a lot of reasons for giving up; but a lot more to persevere…

I was getting upset seeing my girls bound-up to their mobile phones after school and study hours. I lectured them about several creative things they can do rather than browsing the internet. With the weather getting cooler, I wanted them to come out of their ‘comfy’ room and do something productive.

We hit on an idea. With Christmas around the corner, we were already in the festive mood. Therefore, we decided to make a reindeer, instead of buying one.

The three of us quickly got into action. We collected useless things and cardboards stored in our home (for no reason) and set to work. After about 3 hours of drawing and cutting, the reindeer took a vague shape. However, we were running out of available resources.

My girls soon got bored or tired or whatever and left me to complete the task. And complete I did! Other than getting occasional help from my younger daughter, I had to think, work, and get frustrated all by myself in the process of making the reindeer.

I was not willing to give up. I wanted to finish what I started. The output may not be commendable, but it gave me immense joy, confidence, and self-worth.

Furthermore, as I was working, it also made me to ponder as to why people give up so easily.

Why do we give up?

I could think of the following reasons that make people to give up on their aspirations and dreams.

  • Lack of resources

Most times, we give up due to lack of time, materials, or funds. Likewise, at work, we may have started on some project, but due to inadequate resources, we may never see it completed

  • Run out of ideas

Sometimes, we give up on something we started, because we run out of ideas. We may not know how to proceed further and know not who to ask for help

  • Lack of patience

Patience is a lost virtue in most of us. Invariably, we give up on tasks halfway because we do not have the patience to complete it. We give up at the smallest hurdle or for trivial issues. We do not care to sort out problems, as it may require our time and patience

  • Lack of support from team members

Sometimes, others become the cause for giving up. We may have all the motivation and energy to complete the task; however, we may not get necessary support from team members. The much-needed support from family, friends, or colleagues may never come and we end up aborting our work

  • Easy way out

Yet another reason for giving up is by choice. We choose the easy way out; we may end up buying or outsourcing the work

Tips for perseverance

Life is not always easy. We will face hiccups and problems, but life has to go on. We need to carry out things with a positive mindset. Here are few things we can do during times of setbacks.

  • Find your resources – keep searching for available resources, make use of any opportunity that comes your way. Your focus needs to be only on completing the task at hand
  • Take initiative – do not always look for support from others. You take the initiative to get things going. Assume leadership and encourage team members. Help them to identify their strengths and abilities
  • Ask guidance – you will not know everything. Ask guidance from experts and get professional advice
  • Search for information – you will always find what you are looking for if you are sincere in your search. Search for information; read, understand and apply
  • Never give up what you started – follow your dreams. Keep going, persevere and you will reach where you want to go someday. It may take time, hard work and commitment, but you will reach your destination

Never give up!