Essential Academic Skills – List & Questionnaire

What are the preferences of students for enrolling in Academic skills courses? Check it out with this Questionnaire

Academic skills are important for enhancing the learning abilities of students and helping them to reach their maximum potential. These skills are essential for students for being successful in the learning arena. Furthermore, they help students to develop their study skills in different ways and to retain and apply the skills as they progress in life.

Therefore, academic skills are not only important while at school or university, but as core skills they help students to apply them effectively in work and life settings too. Just as transferable skills are important for every individual, academic skills are crucial for the wholesome development of individuals.

It is the responsibility of teachers and academic decision-makers to open avenues for developing the academic skills of students. However, it is best that educational institutions provide an opportunity for students to identify the set of skills that they wish to develop. Instead of offering courses as desired by the educational institutions, it is worthwhile to know the requirements and aptitudes of students and design suitable courses.


You will find a questionnaire covering a set of essential academic skills in the link below. The broad categories include study skills, reasoning skills, creativity skills, research skills, basic IT skills, and self-management skills. You may administer the questionnaire among school or university students to identify their preferences for enrolling in specific skills development course. The survey results may help you to understand the preferences of students and thereby offer relevant courses. The Questionnaire may be suitably modified for specific target group.

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