Employees’ Perceptions of HR Managers

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Is your HR Manager a Villain?

In most companies, Human Resource Managers are the villains of the organization. Employees do not trust them and believe that they are the policing officers. In fact, employees think that HR managers always side the management and have no concern for employees’ welfare.

Thus, the employees are always suspicious of the activities of HR managers. Whatever the HR managers do, the employees are never pleased and always hold a grudge. Meet any HR manager and you will be surprised if they do not open up their own sob story. They try to satisfy the needs of the employees, while keeping the organization’s policies on focus. Ultimately, HR managers find themselves sandwiched between the management’s whims and employees’ cries.

Often times, HR managers lose confidence in their own standing. They are left wondering if they are on employees’ side or management’s side. This is because, neither the management nor the employees give the due recognition and appreciation they deserve. Sadly, they are on the receiving end from both sides.

Agreed, Human resource managers have to stand by the management’s decisions. However, they are not the villains as portrayed. As an employee, you will concur that these managers have been change agents in many aspects of organizational life. Perhaps, some of their good actions and intentions may have gone unnoticed and unrecognized. Hence, it will help you to assess your perceptions of HR managers in your organization. Check out this questionnaire for assessing your perceptions of HR managers. Possibly, you will identify the role of human resource managers in a positive manner.

Questionnaire – Employee’s Perceptions of HR Managers

The questionnaire has twenty-six statements and includes both positive and negative statements. Therefore, you will have to give reverse scoring for negative statements (see scoring). Further, the questionnaire is only a sample and is not standardized. You may modify the questionnaire to meet your requirements.

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