Dynamics of Curriculum Development

Dynamics of Curriculum Development:

In this post, I am going to share the two most essential factors to be considered, (which I believe to be very important) before developing a curriculum or course. As we all know, Curriculum Development is both a continuous and dynamic process in higher educational institutions. Therefore, it needs to be constantly scrutinized and assessed for effective delivery and outcomes.

Most institutions follow clearly laid-down policies and procedures for revamping an existing curriculum or developing a new one.If changes are sought, the existing curriculum is carefully studied and the need for new or modified curriculum is justified in appropriate platforms.

But, remember the two essential factors to be considered before embarking on curriculum or course development are:

(i) students' aptitude, interests and their expectations from the course and

(ii) the facilities available at the institution offering the course.

Therefore, this requires a survey among key stakeholders; most importantly, the students and teachers.


Check with this Questionnaire :

This questionnaire will help you in trying to understand the practices followed in an educational institution in curriculum development and underscore the need for curriculum changes.

Click on the link for downloading the Questionnaire on "Best Practices for Curriculum Development"Curriculum Development Questionnaire

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