Come on, I am your Boss Talking!

If you were working in a corporate setup, you would be familiar with countless phrases and expressions that people use all too frequently. At times, you may even wonder if they carry any meaning to the context. Corporate terms may drive you crazy and leave you baffled!

If you are a newbie, you need to be careful when your boss uses these terms. It might take you a while before you understand the real meaning of these terms. In fact, you need to experience each situation for understanding the true meaning behind the corporate terms and talks used by your colleagues, especially your Boss!

With all due respects to those enjoying power, I wish to list few corporate terms and talks here. Perhaps, you will agree with the real meaning (in my perspective) behind these terms.

What it means when your Boss uses these corporate terms and talks

Believe me, I tried my best

Of course not, do you think I would do that for you and give you the recognition you deserve?

Copy me

You should not do anything without my knowledge. Any time of the day, I am the BOSS!

Do not say anything in the meeting, I will respond to all questions

You will not speak the truth. If you do, I will pull you out of the project

Do you think that it is a good idea?

I DO NOT like your idea

Everything is under control

The damage is too bad. However, I have covered it cleverly and the management will not notice it

Good morning, team

You think it is going to be an easy day for you. I am ready to strike you dead

I am being transparent

You do not know the records I am creating falsely against you

I am busy and under pressure

I forgot my deadline. Top management was quite nasty to me

It is tricky

I got myself into trouble and that means you are in trouble too. You had better stand by my story

I know you are under pressure

You are super smart and I cannot digest it. Therefore, I am not going to give you any tasks that will put you in the limelight

I will handle it

You have completed the task that was too challenging for me. Now, I want you to stay away, I need to show the top people that I did the work

I will stand by you

I will make sure that everyone is against you

Keep me in the loop

You are not supposed to do anything without getting my approval

Let us party

Finally, I was able to fool the Executives; they bought my story

Management has asked me to say

I am the Boss. You will do as I say

May I have a word with you

You are screwed

Now, I want you to leave my office

You are right in accusing me. However, I will not agree and bruise my ego. I am not able to handle you anymore

Off the record

I have already informed the Executives about your performance and added some frills on my own

See, I did it for you

Just for once, I forwarded your name for the training. I expect you to do whatever I say and be grateful to me

Shoot me an e- mail

I need that mail from you to create a record against him/her for now. I will use the same mail to nail you later

Take time-off

Because I am going to load you with work and make sure that you are finished

These boys are Stalwarts

They are good for nothing, but I need their support to stamp you

This will be your action plan this year

Remember that I will judge you during your appraisal. Hence, if you do not work on this, your appraisal scores will be low in this component

The economy is bad

Hurray, I have a reason to sack you. With you gone, others will ‘Yes Boss’ me

The Executives think that -

I think you should

We are cornered

I am under scrutiny. You have to save me. Just nod your head, as I spin my tale

We are one family in our department

I know how to get information out of each person’s mouth. I am happy that I have nurtured abundant gossip and lack of team spirit. I will get each one to fight against the other

We have a situation

I put us into a mess; it is your job to get us out of the shit

We will discuss your idea in the meeting

Only in the meeting; I can get others’ support to suppress your idea. Later I will claim that the idea was my brainchild

We will stick to our plan

I know that ours’ is a terrible idea. However, it is too late to back out. We will play it right for now and later blame it on someone

Will get back to you on that

Forget it. I am not going to do what you requested

 You get too sensitive

How much of my torture will you be able to tolerate? I will get you nailed

You have a lot on your plate

I am not going to give you intellectual tasks. You will complete them to perfection and will take all the credit. Do the bugging jobs I give you. It is just to keep you occupied.

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