Assessing IT / Computer Skills


You need to be proficient in IT / Computer skills if you want to survive in today’s fast-paced technological world. The world has become so ‘networked’ and ‘techno-savvy’ that everything from communication, database management, human resource development, managerial tasks and company administration to entertainment and food orders are done online.

One of the necessary transferable skills that employers look for in their employees is basic IT or Computer skills. You will not be able to survive in a workplace if you do not have basic Computer skills. In most work scenarios, your job revolves round you and your computer. Therefore, it is imperative that you know how to use your computer, troubleshoot basic problems, and be proficient in using word processing.

Basic IT / Computer skills are the following:

Word Processing – you will have to have knowledge in creating, editing, or storing documents by using appropriate software. This is a much-needed skill in any office environment.

Communication through e-mails, audio and video conferencing – employees need to be communicating at work through various channels. You will need to have knowledge of communicating through e-mails, audio & video conferencing, and other social medias.

Using Search Engine – though it seems so simple to use the search engines, it requires specific skills to use it effectively for getting the information you need.

Data Processing – this is yet another requirement of employers. You will have to possess required skills for converting data into a useable format.

Entertainment and Lifestyle – some examples include using technology for watching movies, listening to music, booking air / train tickets, online purchases, and so on. It will do you loads of good if you learn to use technology for a comfortable and enjoyable living.

Education / Skill Development- online courses and virtual learning offers you wide opportunities for self-development and learning. You will benefit if you know how to make use of these learning opportunities.

Handling virus and cleaning system – this is something that you need to know to protect your data. Knowing simple techniques will help you to be safe technologically.

Using keyboard shortcut keys – most people are not aware of the convenience of using keyboard shortcut keys. It will save you time and be more efficient if you learn few simple techniques.

If you were good enough in handling the above-mentioned skills, no doubt, you would be able to enjoy your time spent on your computer. You can also pull out few tricks when people talk ‘technology’.

Assessing Computer skills

Do you like to assess your IT/ Computer skills? Are you interested in answering few statements covering the above factors just to know your abilities?

Well then, download the questionnaire and try it out. Computer Skills Questionnaire

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