Topics for Research in Marketing

Okay, so you are someone interested in doing research in Marketing Management. You are right now looking for new and trendy topics for research. Or you have already listed down some exciting topics and are wondering which one to select and take it to your guide for approval. If so, this post is for YOU!

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‘Shoppowerment’ among Women

‘Shoppowerment’ empowers working women! It was a regular weekend. My husband was sitting on the couch, relaxed and lazily browsing through the TV channels, not holding even for a minute on any channel. It was a time of envy for me; would have been for any wife! I was struggling (supposedly cooking) in the kitchen,

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Magic Spell – Cinderella Story applied at work

Magic spell – Cinderella Story applied at work As children we have read countless times, one of the most popular fairy tales “Cinderella” and adored the fantasy and the charm of ‘lived happily ever after’. We might have even wondered if the ‘rags to riches’ phenomenon would touch our lives. Being patient in times of

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