Breaking free from mediocrity

Every individual is God’s handiwork as we see in Ephesians Chapter 2: 10. We see the signature of God in our life design. We are crafted with a set of talents, skills, and traits that make us unique and dynamic. Every one of us needs to understand that we exist with a purpose. Therefore, this means we are not to be a mediocre person. Instead, we need to move beyond mediocrity and find the purpose of our life.

Living a mediocre life leads to restlessness and boredom after few years. Try to break free from a mediocre life and engage in the search for unfulfilled desires or hidden wants. Let go of your fears and move ahead with determination and focus.

Here are few suggestions that you can try to break free from a mediocre life.

Tips to get out of mediocrity

  1. Self-evaluate – know your strengths and weaknesses; identify areas for improvement
  2. Believe in your abilities– know your worth. build your castle based on your abilities
  3. Grab opportunities – each day has something new to offer you. Do not let go of opportunities. Grab it and analyze how you can make the opportunity your mission
  4. Persevere– keep trying without losing hope. Never give up. Remember your destination is very close
  5. Keep learning– diversify your interests. Learn something that is close to your heart. Do not worry about failures
  6. Develop healthy habits-make a conscious decision to live a healthy life. Try new ways to engage yourself for physical and mental fitness
  7. Be creative– do not be afraid of trying new things. Explore and experiment with commitment
  8. Be motivated– keep pushing yourself towards the goal. Do not fret due to barriers or hassles
  9. Keep your emotions under control – you may have to cross rugged paths, don’t despair. Keep events under your control and do not let circumstances control your emotions or decisions.
  10. Dream different – try to be different from others. Do not follow the crowd. Dream big and different.

Are you a person who is willing to break free from mediocrity?

Check it out with this questionnaire. Find out if you are ready to step out of a mediocre life.

Questionnaire – Step out of mediocrity

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