Brand Consciousness, Preferences and Practices among Youth and Urban Employed

Do Brands define your lifestyle?

Brand consciousness is everywhere and among everyone, particularly the youth and the urban employed. People give so much preference to brands when it comes to electronic products, apparels, cosmetics, footwear, and other consumables. Men and women alike believe that branded products are a mark of status, wealth, and personality. In fact, many people think that branded products symbolize strength and power. Yet others prefer to buy branded products because they believe that they are of higher quality, more durable and are kind of an investment. Quite often, we believe that owning a brand defines an individual and conveys our lifestyle.

Social media has made a powerful impact on influencing the brand consciousness and buying behavior among people. The value for money, availability of a product and/or desire for status display has made brand consciousness among youth and the employed soar up in the recent past. Not only have they become brand conscious, but have started adorning it as a personality definer. Indeed, people have varied and interesting preferences and practices when it comes to buying branded products. Whether you are young or a mature adult, owning a branded product has become more or less a psychological pacifier.

Are you a brand conscious person? Do you buy only branded products? Do you want to check your preferences and practices when buying branded products? Alternatively, do you want to know the extent of brand consciousness, preferences, and practices among youth and urban employed people? Download this questionnaire for a personal check or for using it among specific target group. It is a sample questionnaire and may be modified or refined to suit individual requirements.

Click here to download questionnaire Questionnaire – Brand Consciousness, Preference & Practice

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