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The Book of Exodus presents some strong themes –

Redemption: The Lord delivers His chosen people from oppression and slavery

Covenant: The Lord makes promises to His chosen people and declares to bless them

Worship: The Lord expects the people to worship Him alone

Obedience: God clearly lays down laws for the people to follow

Faith: God expects people to walk the path of faith and completely trust in Him

The story shows how Moses obeyed and worshiped God with commitment and faith and how he led the people with patience and maturity. It shows how God interacted with Moses like a kind mentor. On the other hand, we see people on a pendulum of obedience and disobedience. There are several instances where the people obeyed God following His commandments without any doubt or fear. The crossing of the Red sea is one such incident. Further, the people also accepted and respected Moses’ leadership and were willing to follow his instructions.

Most importantly, we see God’s identity revealed to Moses and His power and might exhibited to people. God frequently talks with Moses, makes a covenant and gives the Ten Commandments for His chosen people. On the other hand, there were times, when the people rebelled and disobeyed God and Moses. Therefore, God becomes angry and punishes the people. However, God relents and promises that He will bless His people.

Through the Exodus, we understand that among other things, God primarily expects His people to Obey Him, Worship Him and walk in faith at all times.

Let us read the Book of Exodus from the perspective of God’s expectations from us. The biblical verse calendar for the forthcoming three months concentrates on Obedience, Worship and Faith.