Biblical Verse Calendar July – September 2019

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God is Mighty. God is all-powerful. He has been amazing to us the past six months, protecting us from all harm. We are truly blessed to have His loving arms around us giving us the assurance that He is in control.

Well, we may have had some difficulties. Yet, by God’s grace, we are still breathing, walking, and carrying on with our daily chores. Perhaps, few of us may have lost our friends/relatives who were close with us; they may have moved on in their journey. Where does it leave us in our reflection of life?

Last week, I came to know about the sudden demise of one of my former colleagues that left me shocked. I was disheartened that I had not spoken to him for the past several months; did not check on his health, or pray for him.

It left me wondering about my relationship with my friends, former colleagues and relatives. Indeed, it is sad that we are so busy with our hectic lifestyle that keeps us away from talking to our friends and loved ones. In fact, we forget to pray for them or pass on our good wishes.

What is the point of speaking about good memories or how much a person meant to us (particularly at work), when we did not have kind words for people when they were with us? Most times we take people for granted. Probably, we do them more harm than good and later share sweet words to express our pain, that no longer matters after someone dies.

Scripture gives us several Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with people, maintaining relationship with people and being ethical to oneself and others. I am sharing some of these biblical verses in this post just to help us remember God’s expectations from us. No doubt, if we can follow these in our lives, it will help for ‘spiritual’ living.

Biblical Calendar

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